Since last week’s “U mad bro?” posted, we saw the Pittsburgh Pirates’ losing streak peak at 10 games. There is talk of Mike Tomlin getting a contract extension from the Steelers, even though he hasn’t won a playoff game since 2016. And two of the Pirates’ top players were mentioned in trade rumors.

Oh, and the pirates released new uniforms that look like they were adopted options for the Springfield Isotopes in a lost episode of “The Simpsons.”

Well, sure, David. There’s no offensive coordinator in baseball. What else are we supposed to do?

“A quote from Bill Parcells… ‘You are what your record says you are.’ Period.”

Agreed, David. Now which of Tomlin’s records are we talking about? Regular season or postseason?

And are we talking about from 2007-11? Or 2012-22?

Mike hates the pirates’ City Connect uniforms.

Poor Nick Gonzales. Every time he sees a photo of himself hitting his first homer, he has to double check to make sure it wasn’t a photo from an Arizona fall beer league or something.

Why does he get any benefit of the doubt versus any other fan with a Twitter account? Is that the perks of being a Harvard grad with a degree in environmental science and public policy? To come to work for And be an ‘insider?’

Neither of these trades are anything hard to imagine the Pirates doing. It’s really just low-hanging fruit to look at a downward spiraling team and see who would likely be interested in their best, most flowable players. ”

But based on how he broadcast his info about McCutchen and the Rangers, it was something he heard, followed up on, and was confirmed through (I assume) someone with Texas. Because none of it seems to be coming from Pittsburgh.

Regardless, my bigger takeaway is that—after a 20-8 start to the season—the national perception of the Pirates is that they’re in selling mode.


And since that has been the case for most of the past three decades, I’m so over it. Are you not?

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• Mark Madden: If trading Andrew McCutchen makes sense for the Pirates, they should

Chuck emailed me about the idea of ​​a Keller trade as well. He is not on board.

“The ‘Sell Our Best Pitcher’ approach started before Taillon, Cole, Musgrove … they’ve been pulling this (garbage) since the mid-90s with Neagle then Schmidt, Benson … and I’m sure more than that. Most of those guys had at least a couple of good years after they left. And anyone they traded didn’t get much in return, which is the trouble with prospects in general…they’re just prospects.

Ha ha! LOL indeed, Chuck, you nailed it! (((Psst! OK, who wants to break the news to him that they didn’t actually keep Doug Drabek???)))

Hey oh!

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