Brooks Koepka “shaked his head” when he saw Matt Wolff was DEAD LAST at LIV London

Brooks Koepka is said to be “even more frustrated” with Matt Wolff after his unfavorable Smash GC teammate member done died last at LIV Golf London on Sunday afternoon.

According to a GolfMagic source with knowledge of the latest round of LIV Golf, Koepka is understood to have taken a look at the leaderboard on Sunday at the Centurion Club and just “shaked his head” in disbelief that the Wolff card was flawed. 7-over 78.

It had similar vibes to when Brooks rolled his eyes at Bryson back then.

Wolff’s final round included a triple bogey seven on the 1st and a double bogey seven on the gettable par-5 9th, which he had eagled in the second round.

Had Wolff really given up on the team just because he was out of action in the individual tournament, per Koepka’s comments earlier this week?

It certainly looked…

Wolff, who has one PGA Tour title under his belt at the 2019 3M Open, wound up finishing bottom of the 47-man pile (the field size was 48, but Paul Casey was forced out of the final round) on a dismal 8-over par that LIV Golf London.

It has once again not gone down well with Koepka.

“I know Brooks is even more frustrated with Matt after his poor performance at LIV Golf London,” our source revealed after last day’s play at the Centurion Club.

“Brooks knows Matt’s talents, he’s already made that clear, and that’s why he wanted him on his team in the first place.

“But to end up shooting a 78 when the team still needed him to contribute on Sunday just didn’t go over well.

“You could argue that it just backs up what Brooks said earlier this week, whether people like it or not.

“I caught BK shaking his head when he saw Matt’s score on Sunday. He just wants to see more from him.

“It just doesn’t sound like Matt has anywhere near the same work ethic as BK or the others (Chase Koepka, Jason Kokrak).

“Hopefully they can fix it soon, but it’s not looking good. I think when you see that they’ve deleted Matt’s own social handle from the Smash GC Instagram page, it doesn’t exactly give Matt a lot of faith. “

Here’s a look at the Smash GC site, which recently removed Wolff from their bio:

Koepka himself finished 17th at 7 under par LIV Golf London.

Smash GC’s other two players, Chase Koepka and Jason Kokrak, finished tied for 26th at 5-under par.

None of Wolff’s individual scores at 2-over par, 1-under par or 7-over par count in the Centurion Club for Smash GC.

Koepka’s team ended up finishing 11 in 12th place on the team’s 17-under rankings.

Phil Mickelson’s HyFlyers finished last.

Here’s what we noticed on the course after Brooks Koepka tore into Matt Wolff at LIV Golf London

In terms of overall standings on the LIV Golf League right now, Smash GC sits 7 on the ranking list.

There are now only five more events in the LIV Golf League season.

Dustin Johnson’s 4 Aces GC, who won the inaugural season and team prize at LIV Golf London on Sunday, is back in front as things stand in the season-long race.

When it comes to the individual position, Wolff does not fare too badly with his own ball at 27.

Koepka is thirdwith LIV Golf London champion Cam Smith in second place and a red-hot Talor Gooch at the top of the leaderboard.

Brooks’ younger brother Chase is currently 47it should probably be noted… but that’s for another day!

Wolff started the LIV Golf League off nicely this season with a 10, 12 and 5.

But his form has dipped badly since with results off 44, 41, 34, WD, 44 and 47.

The recent results have apparently prompted Koepka to take aim at Wolff, who has been open about his own mental health issues recently.

Just before the start of LIV Golf London, Koepka said in an interview with Sports Illustrated that “it’s very difficult to have a team dynamic when you have one guy who won’t work, one guy who won’t give anything. effort, he going to hold up on the court, break clubs, fall down, bad body language, it’s very tough.”

The five-time major champion then added: “I’ve basically given up on him – a lot of talent, but I think the talent is wasted.”

Read more from Brooks here

Wolff eventually caught wind of those comments and admitted he was “devastated” by them.

Here’s what Wolff had to say to SI when he heard Koepka’s comments:

“I read the SI interview with our captain Brooks Koepka and it was beyond disappointing for me. When I chose to join his team in 2023, I did so with great optimism about my new home as part of Team Smash and just as important, the chance to be around and learn from a player of Brooks’ stature. Like anyone who has ever played the game at the highest level, I’ve had competitive moments in the past where I feel like I’ve let myself down and even others in our new team environment. It has been quite difficult for me. My challenges on and off the golf course with my mental health are well-documented. I deal with these challenges every day… But while my 2023 season has not been all I had hoped for up to this point, I have made positive progress in managing my life and feel my game is turning positive. To hear through the media that our team leader has given up on me is heartbreaking. This is not what a team member seems to be hearing from his manager and I think we all know that these comments should have been handled very differently. But I am moving forward and will never give up on myself. While results on the field may not seem like positive indicators now, I’m trying to win an even BIGGER game with my life… Finally, I trust Brooks to want the best for our team. But it’s hard to imagine that his comments in his latest SI interview are in any way consistent with those priorities. This will be my last comment on this matter. I’m heading out today to the Centurion Club to help our team win this week. I appreciate everyone’s continued support and your respect for my privacy.”

It remains to be seen whether Koepka and Wolff can work out their issues together for the benefit of Smash GC.

But as it stands, it seems very likely that Wolff will be looking for a trade sooner rather than later.

As it sounds, he already is, but we’ll have more on that soon.

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