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It’s National Hot Dog Day (duh), but that doesn’t mean Titans coach Mike Vrabel wants to part with his wiener.

However, he will give up a finger to bring a Super Bowl to Tennessee. We’ll talk about the bodily sacrifices Vrabel is willing to make and touch on a buffet of NFL topics during a mid-July edition of Nightcaps.

Hotdogs and ball. A combination that is as or more satisfying to fans than Mahomes and Kelce. Who has it better than us?

So enjoy the opportunity to sip a drink and enjoy Rachel Bush’s buns while you’re at it.

Come in, the sausage water is hot!

We have some NFL teams already in their second day of training camp. Okay, it’s mainly rookies and they’re not on the field yet, but who cares? Football season is finally in the horizon! For all we know, Liev Schreiber is probably reciting a rough draft of an Aaron Rodgers to Garrett Wilson dart shot between a fresh blade of grass and an expensive sprinkler system.

The NFL is almost back. Teams are unveiling alternate/throwback uniforms with more urgency than they have to pay their running backs.

In recent days, we’ve seen the Buccaneers, Browns and Vikings fill our hearts—and soon, the shelves of retailers—with a throwback to uniforms from their past. And they are all beautiful.

Today, the Seahawks unveiled their ’90s throwbacks, which will be worn at select games this season. Seattle teased the uniform release last month — and the Nightcaps were along for the ride.

If that’s not a place for sore eyes, I don’t know what is. Grab yourself a hot dog and stare at these beauties. The NFL, and their teams, get it wrong a lot (dropping the ball, anyone?). But over the last month, they’ve connected with Alabama more than Oregon, and that’s a good thing.

And what about the release video? Gary Payton AND The Kingdom make a brief appearance. Well done Seattle, well done.

Detroit Could Use Help, Whatcha Got Eminem?

Another team that released a new uniform is the Detroit Lions. Well, actually they’ll rock blue helmets here and there, but keep the uniform (unfortunately) the same. It’s a rough look for Dantallica’s lions. Their gray duds always give the appearance that they were once white and have faded over time, mainly because the equipment manager was stingy with the bleach.

Jared Goff and the Lions need to throw it back. (Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

See, I like my lions with a side of a Barry Sanders/Robert Porcher/Herman Moore – see. Someone has to fix it. And who better to do that than Detroit’s own Eminem? Mr. 8 Mile are already doing Ed Sheeran concerts, why not do Lions next?

If you don’t beat to ‘Lose Yourself’, there’s something wrong with you. Love him or hate him, Eminem nailed it. Cool move by the duo EminEd.

Mike Vrabel would give a finger, not a winer

We’ll get to Rachel Bush’s buns in a minute, as long as you behave yourself. In the meantime, we have to talk a little, being National Hot Dog Day and all. And who better to discuss as much than Titans head honcho, Mike Vrabel?

If you recall, in the summer of ’19, Vrabel was asked by Will Compton and Taylor Lewan about Bussin with the boys podcast if he wanted to cut off his manhood in return for a Titans Super Bowl victory. His response: “Been married for 20 years…yeah, probably.” He later added, “You guys will be married for 20 years one day. You won’t need it.”

On Tuesday, Vrabel was back on Bussin’ With The Boys. With Tennessee still missing a Lombardi trophy, Compton and Lewan asked if Vrabel would still be willing to trade his piece for some hardware. Four years later, he is not so willing. But – he would lose a pendant.

“No,” Vrabel told the show’s hosts when asked if he still wanted to remove his junk. “I wanted to cut that finger off,” Vrabel said of the ring finger on his right hand. “I would cut it to win.”

Much better choice in my opinion. Super Bowl’s are great, but some things are even better.

Rachel Bush brings buns to the party

Now that weiners are out of the way, it’s time to give buns the love they deserve on the day we celebrate hot dogs. For that, we’re checking in on an OutKick favorite, Rachel Bush. She is the wife of Bills safety Jordan Poyer and one of the NFL’s most popular WAGs.

With good reason.

Unlike Bill’s, Rachel never disappoints.

Rachel Bush is married to Bills DB Jordan Poyer. (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for unKommon Events).

And that, Mr. Vrabel, is why you cut off a finger and nothing else.

Aaron Rodgers’ arrival at training camp disappoints

New Jets QB Aaron Rodgers arrived at training camp this morning and let’s just say this sometimes hot dog of a quarterback could have used some mustard.

A year after walking into Packers camp looking like Con Air’s Cameron Poe, Rodgers strolled into the Big Apple looking like a dad buying a packed lunch for the family.

What a dud! It would be fine if he didn’t set the internet on fire last summer. But he did. And he comes back with a plain black t-shirt and Jason Sudeiki’s hair?!?!?

My expectations were sky high. ARod is coming off a summer filled with dark retreats and psychedelic conventions. Not to mention, he’s in the media capital of the world. Add in the fact that he went all Con Air while in Green Bay last year and you could see why the bar had been raised.

The season hasn’t even started and Rodgers already has his first fumble.

Blue Jays join National Hot Dog Day

Did I mention today’s National Sausage Day? Forgive me, when I get through my third drink I become forgetful. Then mix in the fact that the Seahawks are whipping me through a tour of uniform nostalgia and I start stumbling through episodes like I’m Sleepy Joe.

But alas, we’re back to hot dogs. The Toronto Blue Jays are in on the fun, even though they’re not part of what we consider “national.” Hell, they’re not even in the National League. So what. There are few things better than a stadium dog, so we welcome our brothers and sisters from the north to the celebration.

And deservedly so, they sold more than 75,000 Loonie Dogs on Tuesday. Incidentally, a ‘loonie’ is equivalent to $1 USD. It’s clear that Canadians appreciate a dog as much as we do.

Also, this $10 Blue Jays build-a-dog is simple. I’ll take my $10 and only take two dogs with only ketchup because I’m not weird. No tomatoes, potato chips or other fixins are needed. I like my Loonie Dogs like I like my NFL uniforms – simple.

Until next time…

My time here is over, but don’t say I never gave you anything. Where else do you get Rachel Bush, Cortez Kennedy-era Seahawks threads and Eminem content all in one? You can thank me later. But for now, let’s enjoy some more NFL and hot dog crumbs before we do this dance again next Wednesday!

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