Detroit Lions’ David Montgomery is living out his dreams with his best friend

They were dreamers back then, dreamers who never went anywhere without a football in their hands.

They tossed it back and forth as they walked to the store as passers-by hollered for them to get out of the street. They ran routes on the way home from practice, and when an errant pass hit a parked car, they started running, not wanting to get in trouble for an innocent mistake.

David Montgomery and his best friend, Jordan Dailey, also kept a football in their bedroom, the one they shared after Montgomery moved in with Dailey’s family early in his high school career.

They covered their walls with pictures of football players. Barry Sanders. Julio Jones. Zeke Elliott. Sammy Watkins. Walter Payton. Calvin Johnson.

And two air mattresses took up most of the floor.

Dailey slept on the queen size mattress, Montgomery the twin, and the two spent time talking football, watching cooking shows and planning their future.

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Both longed to make it to the NFL. Montgomery was a dual-threat quarterback in high school whose best attribute was his feet. Dailey, a year younger, was his top receiver.

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