Eagles News: UK Covey ‘probably doesn’t get proper recognition’ for his rookie season

Let’s get to Philadelphia Eagles left…

Eagles Player Review: WR/PR Britain Covey Edition – PhillyVoice
To put Covey’s 13.3 yards per return over the last 10 consecutive games, the NFL’s leading punt returner (minimum 20 punt returns) was New England’s Marcus Jones, who averaged 12.5 yards per return. return. Covey was quietly effective and likely won’t get proper recognition for his 2022 season because it started so poorly. If he can maintain the level of play he showed on the back end of the 2022 season, Covey could be one of the best punt returners in the NFL in 2023, at least in terms of average yards per carry. return, although he never really came close to bringing one home as a rookie.

Sets 28 Eagles over/unders for the 2023 season – BGN
Since we can’t wait patiently until Philadelphia Eagles training camp begins in late July, Jimmy Kempski and I thought it would be fun to preview the 2023 season with our annual over/under matchup. And so that’s exactly what we did for the latest BGN Radio podcast episode.

Eye on the Enemy #142: Ed Valentine assesses the NY Giants’ offseason – BGN Radio
John Stolnis checks in with Big Blue View’s Ed Valentine about the New York Giants. Thoughts on the Daniel Jones deal. Where does Daniel Jones rank among other NFC QBs? What grade should the Giants receive for their offseason so far?

Eagles mourn passing of Pro Football Hall of Fame tackle Bob Brown – PE.com
Everything looked easy for Bob Brown when he was on the football field. An Eagles first-round draft pick in 1964, Brown made the transition from guard at the University of Nebraska to tackle in the NFL and never skipped a beat. If anything, the move just highlighted how dominant a player Brown was at the game’s highest level. In his 10 NFL seasons, Brown was named an All-NFL player in seven of those years. He played with the Eagles from 1964-69 and then finished his career with the Los Angeles Rams (1969-70) and Oakland Raiders (1971-73). As a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (2004), Brown – a three-time Pro Bowl player in Philadelphia – was inducted into the Eagles’ Hall of Fame in 2004. Brown died Friday night in Oakland, California at the age of 81 , the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced Saturday. Brown died at a rehabilitation center surrounded by family and friends after suffering a stroke in April. “He was a dominant player,” Hall of Fame writer Ray Didinger said of Brown. “There was nothing he couldn’t do with his combination of size, strength and superior ability. He had the mentality to take everything away from a defender and that’s exactly what he did.”

Bears linebacker TJ Edwards sees ‘similarities’ between his former QB Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields – NFL.com
Linebacker TJ Edwards has seen a change of scenery this offseason, going from the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles to the three-win Chicago Bears, but he’s found some familiarity at the teams’ quarterback position. “One thing about Jalen (Hurts) was he was always just kind of calm and collected,” Edwards said on SiriusXM NFL Radio earlier this week. “That’s why we looked up to him so much, just because he was always the calming factor. You see similarities with (Justin) Fields. He doesn’t seem to get rattled out there compared to when we’re mixing looks on him and stuff.”

It’s very rare for a Dallas Cowboys head coach to reach a fifth year in the Jerry Jones era – Blogging The Boys
Many believed in some sort of conspiracy theory that this was because the Cowboys ultimately wanted to usher in the Garrett era. History felt like it was on the verge of repeating itself there recently, with Kellen Moore serving in place of a modern-day Garrett, but with him now in Los Angeles, the poetry won’t be fully realized. There is no real precedent for this situation, especially given the benchmarks that McCarthy has cleared of late, as low as they may be for this specific franchise. So what does it all really mean? Nothing. Or everything. Or something in between. History tells us that if you’re the Dallas Cowboys head coach with Jerry Jones leading the team, it’s really unlikely you’ll see a fifth year with the club. But history hasn’t really meant too much to Mike McCarthy in his time here. Hopefully it doesn’t do it in this particular way either.

Big Blue View mailbag: Saquon Barkley, coordinator development, more – Big Blue View
Bruce Ripepi asks: Have you heard anything from Wink or others how the Giants plan to defend the Eagles rugby scrum QB Sneak formation? The Eagles seemed to have success against anyone at close range using this formation. I also wonder if you think other teams will use a similar tactic. Ed says: Bruce, it hasn’t been a topic of conversation in the short time we’ve had access to defensive coordinator Wink Martindale. If and when asked, I’m reasonably sure the Giants will give us exactly zero details. I’m honestly not sure there’s anything specific a defense can do. As for whether other teams will do it, of course they will. It’s a copycat league and everyone borrows/steals/copy things other teams do as work. You didn’t ask, but I want the piece banned. It’s not football. In fact, I want all those “pushing the ball holder” banned. I think it’s silly and dangerous and it won’t be banned until some hapless defensive player gets his leg broken in the middle when a 330 pound offensive lineman running at full speed blasts into a ball carrier’s back, knocks him down forward and buries the defensive back. in the ground.

Kayvon Thibodeaux: We love being the underdogs – PFT
The Eagles remain the favorites, with the Cowboys ranked as the top contender in the division. However, the Giants believe in themselves and love to be “underdogs,” edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux said Friday. “I mean, it’s been good for me. I like to lay low,” Thibodeaux told NFL Network. “I’m glad people count us out because it gives us more time to just work. We don’t have to answer those questions. We don’t have to worry about everyone watching us. We can just keep our heads down and grind. And I think, you know, we love being the underdogs because it always gives us that story, that momentum to really work and really go after what we want.”

The 5 O’Clock Club: The ’emergency’ quarterback – who gets cut from the 53 to keep Jake Fromm on the roster? – Hogs Haven
It seems fair to wonder if the Commanders might not be just as well served by having a limited package of plays that Logan Thomas can run if a 3rd quarterback was needed in an emergency to allow the team to carry only two quarterbacks on the regular team. duty schedule. After all, Thomas is a pretty competent passer and he knows the offense. But assuming the coaches decide to take advantage of the new emergency quarterback rule by carrying Fromm on the active roster, what position group would you look to to remove the 54th player from the roster?

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