ESPN’s Ryan Clark picks the Ravens to win the Super Bowl

ESPN’s Ryan Clark picks the Ravens to win the Super Bowl

ESPN analyst and former NFL safety Ryan Clark said the biggest story heading into the season involves the Ravens, and he believes it will have a storybook ending.

“I would say the biggest story going into the NFL this season is what the Baltimore Ravens are going to do,” Clark told SB Nation’s Debbie Emery at the ESPY Awards Wednesday night. via Baltimore Beatdown. “You add Odell Beckham Jr. You go out and you get Zay Flowers in the first round. You give Lamar Jackson $185 million, guaranteed. It has to equal wins, and if it doesn’t equal wins, and this team doesn’t contend about a Super Bowl, they’ll say it’s a waste. But I also think it falls at the feet of Lamar Jackson, so people will pay attention.”

Clark went on to say that he believes this will be the Ravens’ year.

“My actual bold prediction is that the Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl,” Clark said. “I just think it’s about who Lamar Jackson has been without having help. So now you give him help. You give him a new offensive coordinator [in Todd Monken], and along with that you have a defense that improves all season long. I think they’re going to be a scary team.”

CBS Sports Pundit Says Ravens Don’t Get Enough Respect

CBS Sports’ Tyler Sullivan didn’t predict the Ravens would win the Super Bowl, but he thinks they’ll be slept on as contenders for the Lombardi Trophy.

Sullivan divided the AFC teams into tiers, and he placed the Ravens in Tier 2, just below the big three of the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills.

“The Baltimore Ravens are a team that I don’t feel gets enough respect when talking about possible candidates,” Sullivan wrote. “They were able to fix Lamar Jackson’s contract situation, and it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see him return to his MVP form, especially with a new offensive coordinator and a refreshed group of receivers, including Odell Beckham Jr. -round rookie Zay Flowers.

“For all their problems last season and Jackson limited to 12 games, they still went 10-7 (a testament to how good a coach John Harbaugh is) and had a defense that ranked seventh in the league in DVOA. So long Jackson gets healthy, they’ll be a threat.”

Looking at some of the most exciting people at the 2023 Ravens

Baltimore Sun’s Childs Walker named the 10 most exciting people on the 2023 Ravens. Not surprisingly, Jackson was at the top of his list. Here’s a look at three others that were included:

“Dobbins embarrassed himself by complaining about his role in the Ravens’ playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, pondering his uncertain future in Baltimore and then not participating in mandatory minicamp for reasons that remain unclear. Of course, he’s frustrated with , that he lost an entire season and part of another to the horrific knee injury he suffered in a preseason game. Of course, he wants financial security and recognizes how elusive it is for running backs, even those in averaged 5.7 yards per carry. The hard truth for Dobbins is that his only real option is to be durable and outstanding as the Ravens’ No. 1 back this year. He has no other options for leverage as he seeks another contract.”

“This is more about the Ravens’ approach to a vital position than it is about Ya-Sin, a young veteran who has been solid in coverage over the past two seasons and slots comfortably across from Marlon Humphrey. The Ravens could have used a first-round pick a potential starting cornerback. They could have brought back Marcus Peters, who didn’t play up to his former standard in 2022 after returning from a serious knee injury but still has big-play potential. Instead, they went a quieter route with Ya – Too bad, and for now they’ll at least hope a new nickel back and a couple of credible backups emerge from the collection of young defensive players they’ve drafted over the next three years.”

“The outside linebackers coach doesn’t typically make this list, but Smith took an atypical path to his role with the Ravens, and he will face atypical scrutiny this year as fans look for the team’s young edge rushers, Odafe Oweh and David Ojabo , to break out … He sacked quarterbacks 58 1/2 times in nine NFL seasons and built a career from there as a respected private trainer for stars like Aaron Donald and Carlos Dunlap. Talk to him for five minutes and you’ll be taken with his passion for and detailed knowledge of the art of pass rushing. He has promised that when we see his Ravens students this year, they will each have a signature move, whether it be the rip, spin or bull. Will Smiths devotion to craft translate to greater sack production from the Ravens? No aspect of the defense will be more interesting to watch in 2023.”

Todd Monken makes Pro Football Focus’ top 10 offensive coordinator rankings

Monken has yet to call a play in a game for the Ravens, but his reputation earned him a spot in the Pro Football Focus’ Sam Monson’s Top 10 Offensive Coordinator Rankings.

Monken, whose last NFL stint as an OC was with the Cleveland Browns in 2019, landed at No. 7.

“He was also responsible when Ryan Fitzpatrick played some of his best football in Tampa Bay,” Monson wrote. “The Georgia Bulldogs’ offense also thrived under his tutelage. This is a huge season for Monken, given Jackson’s unique abilities.”

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