FSG told ‘not yet’ over $3.3bn as LeBron James calls and Liverpool interest confirmed

Liverpool have had a whirlwind day or two. A transfer picture that looked fairly settled has been torn up by Saudi Arabia, where the clubs put enormous amounts of money on the table for e.g. Jordan Henderson and Fabinho.

There will undoubtedly be some talks between FSG and Jürgen Klopp, where business and football interests must be balanced. In financial terms, Liverpool are being offered significant sums for players whose value had likely been more or less written off by the owners, particularly in Henderson’s case. Any transfer fees received can then be reinvested in the team. But there needs to be consensus across the board about how much business can be done without damaging prospects on the field.

It will be difficult to find that balance. But that is far from the only thing that FSG must focus on. There is activity across its sports empire, which also includes the Boston Red Sox, the Pittsburgh Penguins and a stake in NASCAR team RFK Racing.

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The Red Sox have had an upswing of late, but the roster still needs attention three weeks after the trade deadline. In NASCAR, team driver and John Henry co-owner Brad Keselowski came agonizingly close to his first victory, but had to scavenge for fuel from the lead, with the weather-forced end to the race coming just too late.

Yet none of these even make it into this week’s round-up, with so much going on. FSG co-owner LeBron James has announced a major decision, while there has been another update of sorts on Liverpool’s investment situation, amid long-term plans to add another team to the portfolio.

‘Not yet’ warning to FSG

FSG ‘sees itself’ in the NBA in the ‘not too distant future’, according to ECHO. It is understood that the decision to seek investment in Liverpool is not related to the desire to acquire a franchise, but the interest in entering basketball is very real. With LeBron James an investor, there could well be a prominent role for him in any such endeavor.

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