FSG will not let go of Liverpool after £5.5 billion signal from the Premier League

New figures have shown why owning a Premier League football club is so valuable.

While the Glazer family look set to relinquish their majority stake in Manchester United in the coming weeks, there has been much buzz around the prospect of them retaining a minority position in the Red Devils as they seek to continue to have a hand in in the continued success. of the world’s most successful football league.

In the case of Liverpool, while the owners Fenway Sports Group formalized a search for investment at the end of last year, and tried to sell a minority stake in the Reds, the intention was to keep the club, which they have owned since 2010, while finding ways to securing the necessary capital for future growth and ensuring they remained part of the elite group that has dominated the Premier League and the European landscape for some time.

This search for investment is not over and the club’s owners continue to assess their options when it comes to bringing fresh capital on board, but the latest figures published by sports group Deloitte show why FSG have little appetite to part with the reds and why there is so much interest in acquiring Premier League football clubs from individuals, groups and sovereign wealth funds from around the world. The Premier League continued to outperform the competition and maintain its position as the clear market leader, with member clubs reporting a 12 per cent increase in total revenue in the 2021/22 season, culminating in a record total revenue of £6.4 billion. bn). That was a number greater than both Spain’s La Liga and the German Bundesliga combined.

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La Liga revenue remains at around half that of the Premier League, despite La Liga clubs’ combined revenue rising 11 per cent to €3.3bn. (£2.83 billion) in the 2021/22 season. The easing of COVID-19 restrictions towards the end of 2021 helped top Spanish clubs generate total matchday revenues of €409m. EUR (£350m) in 2021/22, an increase of €353m the clubs’ total revenue. Second only to La Liga, the total revenue generated by Bundesliga clubs grew by five percent to 3.1 billion. EUR (£2.66bn) in 2021/22, as a result of improved matchday revenue (up €254m) and commercial revenue (up €169m).

Following a fall in the value of domestic and international broadcast deals, Serie A was the only ‘big five’ league to record a drop in total revenue in 2021/22, as total revenue fell by seven percent (€171m ) to 2.4 billion In contrast, France’s Ligue 1 clubs saw the biggest percentage growth in total revenue of the ‘big five’ leagues in 2021/22, rising 26 per cent (€412m) to a record €2bn. EUR. This growth was mainly driven by new commercial deals and a post-pandemic boost to matchday revenue.

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