It is not a battle of transactions

I was also at the first Monday night game at Lambeau Field. It stood as the highest scoring Monday night game in a long time. In those days you could see out into the parking lot behind the stadium. Some tailgaters had left their charcoal grill smoldering under their car and it caught fire. No one dared or bothered to find out if it was their car or if it was standing next to theirs. Thanks to Wes for bringing back the memories. Can you remember a Packer game as exciting that you attended?

The ’09 NFC Wild Card game at Arizona beat it by one for total points (96-95), but needed overtime to do it. It’s the only “shootout” I can remember witnessing in person that comes close. What I remember about the ’83 Monday night game was going to bed at halftime (reluctantly, but that was the rule for me back then) and being blown away by the highlights the next morning.

Michael from Bloomington, IN

Good night and goodbye to II (skip to) Shark Week. When evaluating the upcoming season, Bakh keeps himself healthy and available Rockets to the top of the wish list. What is your realistic ceiling for this offense if we get 15-17 games with David Bakhtiari at LT?

I’m not sure what you’re asking, but when it comes to the guys up front, it’s not all about Bakhtiari. It is to have as much continuity with the group as possible. The best offensive lines practice and play together week after week. Everything about that unit has felt in motion since Bakhtiari’s injury at the end of 2020. That contributed greatly to the playoff loss to Tampa, then Josh Myers and Elgton Jenkins had long injury absences in ’21, creating more switching and shuffling as the season wore on, followed by frequent uncertainty in ’22. Injuries are part of the game, but if an offense is to steadily improve and (hopefully) peak at the right time, minimal disruption up front goes a long way.

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

Hey Mike, are we as a fan base pushing Zach Tom’s progress a little fast? I know he definitely passed the eye test for me last season and looked pristine when he was started. But Royce Newman was pretty solid in his rookie campaign and didn’t maintain the same trajectory. I wish both young men nothing but success, but wonder if we should temper expectations for Tom a bit?

My only expectation is that Tom will compete for a starting job. Nothing will be handed to him, and if he earns it, he will have to keep it. But there’s plenty of reason for curiosity and enthusiasm when a fourth-round pick shows so much promise at a prime spot as left tackle as a rookie. It doesn’t happen very often.

What should the expectations be for the special teams unit this season?

Stability, which will hopefully help ease the transition at the biggest unknown of the group, kicker.

Robert from Corpus Christi, TX

Are there any moves that can be made to help stay even with the Lions’ and Bears’ offseason moves?

Because the goal is to keep pace with two franchises that have won a combined NFC North title in the past dozen years? Okay, I’ll cut the cord. The Packers will measure up to their rivals when they play them and will look to turn the tables on the Lions from last year just as the Bears are working to flip the script against the Packers. But it’s not a battle of transactions from February to August.

Are the Packers at their 90-man roster limit? And do you see them adding a player or two before training camp? Thank you.

The roster currently stands at 89 with two unsigned draft picks. I wasn’t sure about that earlier but have since clarified that they have an exception for the international player (Kenneth Odumegwu) to both the 90 man and training squad, but at this point any further signings will require a corresponding release.

Richard from Caledonia, WI

Hi, are the new scoreboards working for the upcoming shareholders meeting? Thanks!

That’s the plan as far as I know.

Darren from Wakefield, MI

Just wanted to say what a great piece and interview with Eddie Lee Ivery. He was one of my favorites as a child. I was never able to get to go to regular games, although as an altar boy we went to the Bishop’s Charities game annually and remember Eddie Lee being pushed off the field and taking out a cheerleader. He helped her up and dusted her off. Great man and I never knew about his problems then.

I was quite young when he played so I wasn’t aware of all the injuries and other issues involved in his career, but I remember thinking how good he was while older fans always wondered, what could have been. I never appreciated the whole picture until I was much older.

Looking at the rules of “Hard Knocks”, if I understand them correctly, the Packers really need to make the playoffs this year. Because “Hard Knocks” rules state that if a team hasn’t made the playoffs in the last two years and they don’t have a new coach, they can be forced to accept a “Hard Knocks” assignment. If the Packers don’t make the playoffs this year, there’s no way HBO won’t jump at the chance to feature Green Bay next year (2024 season).

Let’s hope it’s a bridge not to be crossed. Maybe we’ll see this year what the production is like with a team that isn’t too excited about the exposure, as it sounds like the Jets are very reluctant to accept the intrusion.

Mike, did you make Brewer games at this current home field? Some dandy games this past week! I wish the All-Star break wasn’t here yet. It feels like the brews were just starting to roll.

Didn’t make it to any games this time, but followed daily and closely. It was some home ground, you’re right, but I think the team could use the break after all the craziness.

I’m not a baseball fan, but De La Cruz’s three stolen bases in two innings against the Brewers was one of those moments that makes a person stop and say “Wow!”

As a Brewers fan, it made me stop and wonder when the pitcher was going to get his head in the game.

Cheryl from Strawberry Point, IA

Oh, I think Wessy may have started something.

This nickname must be invoked at specific times to be determined.

Kevin from Grand Rapids, MI

Another day closer. Happy Tuesday.

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