Leaked WhatsApp message, Postecoglou fury: Behind the scenes of the Harry Kane shirt stunt

You often get unexpected questions thrown by reporters at Tottenham’s foreign press conferences, but Saturday’s one away in Thailand took those odd moments to a new level.

Over the years we’ve had Mauricio Pochettino ask which Spurs player he thought had the best hair when asked if he’d lost weight ahead of the Champions League tie, prompting him to stand up and pose like a 1950s catalog model.

Then there was the odd moment when a random press conference intruder in Leipzig kept telling Jose Mourinho ‘everything will be ok’ at Tottenham as he walked out of the room after a Champions League defeat.

The mystery man couldn’t have been more wrong. It turned out to be the last in-person press conference for more than a year as the Covid pandemic then took a firm hold on the entire world. Mourinho was also sacked just over 12 months later. So if that guy ever tells you that you’re going to be fine, run in the other direction as fast as you can.

Sometimes managers themselves become the focal point, as Antonio Conte proved on that fateful evening in Southampton in March with an explosive press conference. Never before have the words ‘apologies’ and ‘players’ been spat out with such frustration and anger, as well as producing some unexpectedly loud syllables as the stunned media looked on.

So what did Ange Postecoglou, the new head coach of Tottenham Hotspur expect? The trip to his native Australia had been uneventful, albeit with the sort of Harry Kane future questions he would have expected. However, he did not expect what was in store for him in Bangkok.

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The press conference at the Rajamangala National Stadium was busy, but not necessarily with journalists. The organizers had been well prepared and extremely polite and courteous, informing the soon-to-arrive media of flooding outside the ground due to the rain that had fallen during the day, and they suggested an alternative route to enter the building.

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