Lukas Van Ness fits that prototype

Clipton of Pasadena, CA

Why do all the Packers Daily videos seem to clock in at 1 minute, 55 seconds.

High side of caution. Like USPS, my rate increases by 2 minutes.

Did both players hold for the FG and extra point? Was anyone else on the team holding for kicks?

Both Pat O’Donnell and Daniel Whelan made field goals, but only Broughton Hatcher had a snap during minicamp. Matt Orzech was excused for the birth of his child.

Speaking of the peculiarities of kicking inside Lambeau Field, do they do any kicking there during OTAs?

Not in front of the media. The field goal posts are up inside Lambeau, so it’s possible that Anders Carlson poked around in there. I didn’t ask him though.

I know websites need content, but there’s absolutely nothing to be gained by rehashing a draft from a few years ago in retrospect. Of course, if the GMs knew what we know now, they would word it differently. So what’s the point? It’s like trying to blame someone for 1970s fashion. The flare leg checked polyester pants wouldn’t be my choice today, but I rocked them back then. Everyone knows.

I agree with everything Spoff said, but you got one thing wrong – not all 1970s fashion was bad. Bart Starr’s fight day was very strong. It is not talked about enough. His suit stood the test of time. Mrs. Cherry had her husband looking good.

Will the players continue their training regimen leading up to training camp?

If they want to be here in September, they will. This summer break gives players a chance to mentally reset before the real fun begins, but there are still expectations to stay in shape and be ready for camp.

Longtime reader, but not a very frequent sender. The recent discussion about K-balls got me wondering what happens to used game balls. Does the NFL or the home team ever offer them to charities to be auctioned off?

I seem to be getting this question a lot lately and I honestly don’t know. I know the Packers donate a lot of cleats and equipment to youth football programs every season. I’m not sure what’s going on with footballs. Maybe they are saved for practice?

Do football agents get 3%? What a bargain! I just sold a house and the realtor got 6%.

And it’s often less than that. Three percent is the maximum on player contracts.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

I look at our WR space as cutting back some old growth on a tree so the new branches can emerge. What is your metaphor of choice?

I don’t know if I can top that one, Derek. It was solid. I just look at the three young recipients like seedlings in a garden. We knew this was the direction Green Bay was headed. Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs and Samori Toure all took root last year and still have room to grow. But this is their opportunity to show how far they’ve come and hint at where their promise is headed.

Arthur from Eau Claire, WI

A question about the oddities of Lambeau for kicks. Will the new scoreboards be big enough to affect field-level wind patterns that can (will) cause punting and kicking challenges that the Packers’ kickers haven’t faced before? Just curious.

I do not think. While the digital video board is larger, the entire scoreboard is still the same height and width as the previous one.

Etienne from Saint Joachim de Tourelle, Canada

I started playing football after my mom got me a Raiders long sleeve jersey from the Sears catalog. I think it was a Bo Jackson, but could also have been anonymous. I’m not so sure. My grandmother got us a walnut tree from the Sears catalog back in 1983. The tree actually aged quite well.

Kids these days don’t realize how hard it used to be to get branded sportswear. Even 20 years ago, I remember buying a Glenn Robinson jersey at JCPenney and thinking I had struck gold.

Van Ness’s love for hockey amazes me. Which NHL team do Wisconsin hockey fans follow? For Packers fans in UP, it’s easy to follow the Red Wings, but I can’t see Wisconsin Packers fans cheering with Blackhawks or Wild fans.

Some Wisconsinites root for the Blackhawks, but I have a few friends who like the Nashville Predators because of their affiliation with the Milwaukee Admirals.

Bob from Fredericksburg, VA

Thank you for everything you do. It’s always a nice break in the morning when I can connect with the mothership and connect with my brothers. I wonder if you guys ever get tired of non-Packer related topics, especially in the “dead zone”? That being said, what about the red ones?

Not at all. I just won’t answer Brewers questions if I don’t know anything about the Brewers…or Reds.

If you could have one new food option offered at Lambeau, what would it be and why?

Booyah. Do I need to explain why?

Good morning, Wes. How many questions must I have answered before I can put “Published Author” on my CV?

If Rob Demovsky can have an IMDb page, this should pretty much do it.

If I understand correctly, Spoff says in response to Dan from Maquoketa that nothing tastes better than a free sub. If it’s free, it’s for me.

They don’t call him “Half-Off” Spoff for nothing. Okay, I’m done. I will never surpass it.

Hey Spoff! People are talking on Twitter about the putt heard around the world. Is it true that you had the best putt ever at the department’s golf outing?

I’ll leave that fish tale to Spoff’s Friday column. Have a nice day everyone.

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