Man Utd shame on Spurs if they pay £20m more for European champion over Championship player

Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount clashes with Man Utd players during a Premier League match Credit: Alamy

Spurs have already embarrassed Man Utd by making the ‘signing of the summer’ in media-friendly James Maddison. Liverpool spent less on a World Cup winner.

Crazy world
‘James Maddison transfers a game to Tottenham after Man Utd outbid Mason Mount‘ is a strange heading i Daily Mirrorconsidering Spurs have spent £40m on a three-capped international midfielder who has played 19 games in European competition and just been relegated, while Man Utd have spent £55m on signing a former Champions League winner and European Championship finalist who has scored more times for England than Maddison has played for them and bought him from a direct Premier League rival.

You can clearly compare, contrast and frame perceptions of these two very different transfers in any way you see fit. And Andy Dunn is keen to tell us that getting Maddison for £40m ‘is a modern day sneak’ and ‘the signing of the summer’.

Why? Well, Maddison is ‘a bit of a rascal, a bit of a boy, a lovable rascal’ and ‘a maverick talent’. Oh, and ‘a really gifted footballer’ if that sort of thing is your bag. But most importantly (for a newspaper journalist) he “gave one of the best interviews of the tournament” when he spoke before the World Cup – where he did not play minutes for Mount’s 186.

There really is no greater mark of a brilliant footballer than their willingness to speak openly to the media.

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Sweet Aston Villa get Youri Tielemans for free, Brentford sign Bundesliga’s best goalkeeper for £11m Brighton to bring in Mahmoud Dahoud for nothing and Liverpool to get a World Cup winner for between £35m and £55m because Spurs have spent £40m on an England player doing interviews.

Mount is more than two years younger, far more experienced at elite level and more tactically versatile. But ‘the price for Mount could end up being £20m more than it was for Maddison’.

It will if that £5m in additions comes into play, which BBC Sport, and Manchester Evening News have reported being linked with Mount, who won the Premier League or Champions League ‘several’ times while at Man Utd. In that case probably won’t mind spending £60m on a player vital to such success.

It should also be noted that there are add-ons in the Maddison deal which would take it to £45m. So in reality the worst case scenario for Spurs is that Mount ends up costing £20m more.

But no, Maddison is £40m and Mount £60m because of the golden rule of transfer: good signing means you pick the smallest number; bad signing means you choose the biggest one.

Mount the defense
Andy Dillon by The sun has his finger on Chelsea’s pulse:

The sale of Mount will be hard to take for Blues fans who regard him as the jewel in the crown of their famous crop of homegrown talent.

Let’s just say it is hardly a unanimous opinion throughout the Chelsea fanbase. Not that a West him fan should be expected to know.

Mase runs
Credit to Liverpool Echo to grab the last few possible clicks out of the Mount situation with this headline:

‘Mason Mount talks reopened as Newcastle pull out of deal for £68m Liverpool target’

Massive shame about the character count which means they couldn’t get the words ‘with Man Utd’ in there after ‘Mason Mount talks reopened’. Really frustrating that they had to suggest that Liverpool were back for him.

Shirty go down
There is obviously an article with ‘dream shirt number’ in it Manchester Evening Newswhich explains how Mount could get ‘his favorite No. 19’ if Raphael Varanethe current resident takes the outgoing one Phil Jones‘No. 4.

And hell, Mount has only ever worn the No.19 with Chelsea’s first team, as well as during his time on loan at Vitesse and often on England duty. Varane also often wears No.4. They can have this one.

But Daily Express website is absolutely out of order when Mason Greenwood – a current… trending search topic – enters the conversation.

Man Utd duo Mason Greenwood and Raphael Varane could do Mason Mount a huge favour

Greenwood giving Mount ‘the famous No.11 shirt’ is a scenario conjured up out of absolutely nowhere, specifically to get a controversial player on whom people understandably want the latest updates involved in a headline.

Apparently Mount could even ‘inquire about’ the ‘availability’ of the vacant No.7 shirt because it’s awfully hard to deviate from transfer talk at the best of times.

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Another one
Sticks to it Daily Express websiteapparently ‘Man Utd want another Cristiano Ronaldo and Juan Sebastian Veron to follow Mason Mount’.

And it’s a very confusing headline for a whole host of reasons, which is obviously the point. Then *click*.

It’s simple enough: Man Utd want Andre Onana and he would become the ninth player the club have signed from Serie A if he joins. But a) that headline certainly suggests they are aiming for two more signings after Mount and b) why don’t Man Utd want another Matteo Darmian and Sergio Romero to follow Mason Mount?

Today’s waste line
From Paul Gorst i Liverpool Echo:

Twelve months later, having chosen not to tell Suarez, he left Liverpool with his head held high after 31 Premier League goals and one of the best individual performances of any season at Anfield.

The man literally couldn’t make his debut until October because he served a four-month ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup while very much still a Liverpool player. Not sure his head was held that high.

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