Could NBA stars win Saudi money? Plus, flop props and your new favorite podcaster

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This is the digital version of The Bounce.If you want it sooner, start each day with The Bounce delivered to your inbox. Sign up here. If you had to bet on the first player to get a flopping fine, who would you pick? Giannis and LeBron gone? NBA stars intrigued by Mbappé’s offer Saudi money … Read more

Hollinger: My favorite under-the-radar guys from the Las Vegas Summer League

The first weekend of the NBA Summer League brought us perhaps the most entertaining matchup of the entire event as top pick Victor Wembanyama went toe-to-toe with … Michael Devoe? Of course, it wasn’t supposed to be that way. Devoe only played that much because third-choice Scoot Henderson, who was slated to be Wembanyama’s foil … Read more

Unrealistic NBA blockbuster trades that could shake up the 2023-24 season

Many NBA personnel love this time of year because there are no games, free agency is pretty much over, Summer League just ended, and it’s finally time for that summer vacation with their family that they’ve been looking forward to. Before training camp in late September, there really isn’t much going on around the league. … Read more

Tobias Harris? Karl-Anthony Towns? Evaluating your Pistons trade proposals

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The rare quiet period in the NBA calendar has arrived … or has it? With the combine, the draft, the initial waves of free agency and Summer League all in the rearview mirror, organizations have a chance to breathe before training camp begins in late September. But some don’t and won’t use the quiet period … Read more

Kobe Bryant’s legacy: For first time since Black Mamba retired, NBA roster to feature players named after Lakers icon

LAS VEGAS — There is Kobe, wearing the uniform of a team from Los Angeles. There’s Kobe, the last one on the court for practice and getting yelled at because the buses are waiting for him. How appropriate. Just like the old days. Of course, there will never be another Kobe Bryant. And make no … Read more

Pascal Siakam trade destinations

The Toronto Raptors may finally be ready to make a big change to their roster. At last year’s trade deadline, they listened to offers for all of their top players, but ultimately didn’t move any of them. Things backfired for them as they missed the playoffs and lost Peace VanVleet to the Houston Rockets in … Read more

Hollinger: In NBA free agency, cap space is not cool anymore

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Follow our live free-agency news and analysis from our entire NBA staffand sign up for The Bounce to get basketball content delivered straight to your inbox. I’m old enough to remember when cap space mattered, when the words “max room” were enough to get your team’s fans giddy over the possibility of All-NBA superstars stepping … Read more