VanVleet’s exit, Siakam trade rumors intensify Raptors’ struggles

Give the Raptors credit for this much: In a league where it’s not uncommon for players to air their grievances publicly, Toronto’s NBA team hid its internal strife very well this past season. Of course, they couldn’t hide the terrible on-court chemistry that was obvious to anyone tuning in. Even team president Masai Ujiri couldn’t … Read more

VanVleet left and the Raptors got nothing. The habit must stop

As an exercise in wealth management, it was an abysmal failure. If you’re in a charitable mood, you could make the case that the Toronto Raptors were simply unlucky to lose Fred VanVleet in free agency over the weekend. Perhaps they can’t be blamed for being blindsided by the maximum bombshell offered by the Houston … Read more