Hollinger: My favorite under-the-radar guys from the Las Vegas Summer League

The first weekend of the NBA Summer League brought us perhaps the most entertaining matchup of the entire event as top pick Victor Wembanyama went toe-to-toe with … Michael Devoe? Of course, it wasn’t supposed to be that way. Devoe only played that much because third-choice Scoot Henderson, who was slated to be Wembanyama’s foil … Read more

Hollinger: Suns lead as early NBA free-agency winners

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Follow live free-agency news and analysis from our entire NBA staff, and Sign up for The Bounce to get basketball content delivered straight to your inbox. How do you win in NBA free agency without money? The Phoenix Suns may have just found a way that has eerie echoes of the 2021-22 Golden State Warriors … Read more

Hollinger: In NBA free agency, cap space is not cool anymore

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Follow our live free-agency news and analysis from our entire NBA staffand sign up for The Bounce to get basketball content delivered straight to your inbox. I’m old enough to remember when cap space mattered, when the words “max room” were enough to get your team’s fans giddy over the possibility of All-NBA superstars stepping … Read more

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A host of NBA superstars could choose to stay right where they are in free agency, while the Philadelphia 76ers have reportedly put a huge price on the head of one of their stars. There are also rumblings in Portland that there may be trouble with Damian Lillard. Catch the biggest whispers doing the rounds … Read more

Hollinger: Chris Paul? Bradley Beal? These trades make sense – just look at the contracts

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On a broad level, I understand everyone’s confusion. Bradley Beal isn’t worth a first-round pick, but Chris Paul is? Kristaps Porziņģis is not worth a first, but Marcus Smart is worth two? What sorcery is this? What happens here? Let me tell you what the deal is: The key to every single NBA transaction is … Read more

Bradley Beal Exchanges Thoughts: On Isiah Thomas’ Subversive Suns Role, NBA Super Teams and Chris Paul

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Chris Paul knew what he was doing. Let’s not forget, folks: Chris Paul always knows what he’s doing. So when the recently traded future Hall of Famer went out of his way to pull back the curtain on the Phoenix Suns’ new operation on Monday, highlighting Isiah Thomas’ (unofficial) role in the Bradley Beal trade … Read more