That’s what sets Romeo Doubs apart as a receiver

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

“Love sets the table, it’s finally time to eat!” Am I sensing an II T-shirt that could be used for dinner parties and more?

Your move, Packers Pro Shop. We cook and look to serve the masses.

I thought the PUP restriction was only four weeks now. I think with our depth on the edge and with Rashan Gary in line for a massive extension, it would require both parties to give it the extra month unless he is 100%. We all want him on the field ASAP, but I’m more concerned with keeping him on the field as much as possible.

It is correct. Players can be activated after only four games now (sorry, I forgot myself there for a moment). Either way, the Packers want the best, healthiest version of Gary on the football field. Once it’s cleared, Gary will be back out there. It is the most important.

I’d be curious if you guys have an opinion on which other NFL teams most closely align with Green Bay’s historical philosophies (e.g. draft and develop) AND which are comparable in their current team composition. I’m looking for a “control” team against which to measure the Packers’ performance this year.

Pittsburgh. GM Kevin Colbert recently retired, but the Steelers’ organizational philosophy most reminds me of Green Bay in the post-Wolf era. Today, I still think the best comparison is to the Steelers switching to Kenny Pickett under center.

Due to some inexperience at WR and TE, there is an overwhelming notion that the run game will be a big part of the Packers’ offense this year. At this time of year, we typically wonder which two or three RBs will make the team. Hypothetically, if we kept four RBs, which position group on the current roster do you think would go here?

Recipient. The last two times the Packers kept four running backs on their Week 1 roster, they had just five receivers (2020 and 2017). The other time the Packers went with four RBs was in 2012. Green Bay kept six receivers that year but only seven offensive linemen. With the new game day roster rules, I don’t think we’ll ever see the Packers go into a season with just seven O-linemen again.

Rodney of Gladstone, OR

Why is everyone assuming Romeo Doubs will be WR2? I know, I know. He was a fourth round pick who showed a lot of promise. He has one year of experience in the system. I’m a big fan of Doubs, but Jayden Reed is a second round pick taken less than 20 picks after Christian Watson was taken. Doesn’t he have a chance to be a WR2?

Sure, but I think Doubs’ overall consistency is what makes him the front-runner for WR2. Honestly, that’s what sets him apart as a receiver. Doubs’ chemistry with Jordan Love is also undeniable. Regardless of what happens, all three are going to play a lot for the Packers this season. Green Bay is counting on Doubs and Reed, however they are referred to in fantasy football circles.

Andy from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

This time of year we hear the mantras of “carry over from last season” and “every season is a new season” about various performances for the upcoming season. Is there any truth to any of these clichés? Or is it just coach-speak that depends on the perspective of last year’s performance and this year’s goal?

Oh, it’s real. You’ve seen it with the likes of Jordy Nelson (2010-11), Kenny Clark (2017-18) and Rashan Gary (2020-21), young players who used a strong finish to a season to catapult themselves into a breakout year. Energy is real. The momentum is real. It is the fuel that drives progress.

Is kick return the only major rule change for the upcoming season?

Pretty much. The NFL will also automatically review all failed fourth-down conversions, similar to how they handle turnovers.

I read another ranking article: best starting combinations in the entire league. I think it’s entirely possible that the end of the year could identify the Packers as having one of the best tackle pairings with either two fourth rounders or a fourth and an undrafted free agent.

The Packers have succeeded on the offensive line like few others since the turn of the century. Each year, teams invest the top 10 picks in their left tackle position. David Bakhtiari has had that spot locked up for Green Bay for a decade now. As far as lefties go, I’d put him and Elgton Jenkins up against anyone. To your point, I think whoever wins at the right tackle will be a great addition to Agent 69.

Morning, I agree that the Ahman Green trade was Ron Wolf’s best outside of Brett Favre. I’ve always wondered how much of an impact Green had on the longevity of Favre’s career. Having Green in the backfield seemed to revitalize No. 4, and those were some fun seasons, even if they ultimately fell short. It’s impossible to say, but without him, do you think there’s a chance Ol’ Gunslinger hung up the cleats earlier than he did?

That’s a question for Favre, but Green undeniably made his quarterback’s life easier. In addition to his productivity on the ground, Green was also one of Favre’s top receiving targets from 2000-04, with 282 catches for 2,188 yards and 13 touchdowns. He moved the chains for this offense, especially during the transition from Antonio Freeman to Donald Driver as Favre’s top receiving option.

Brian from Sugar Land, TX

Last year, the Chiefs were Super Bowl champions with a rookie running back who was the NFL’s 25th leading rusher with 830 yards. The Chiefs played in three of the last four Super Bowls, winning two of them. The Packers’ leading rusher averaged 1,028 yards each of those years. The Chiefs averaged 672 yards. The last RB Super Bowl MVP was 1998. Since then, the QB has won 16 times and the WR five. It is clear that RB is not the leading offensive cog it once was. And the market sets the price.

But NFL teams still need a running back. Kansas City just lucked out with Isiah Pacheco working out in the seventh round after Clyde Edwards-Helaire didn’t two years earlier.

I realize the Vikings were hoping to draft a speedy receiver with their first-round pick, but I don’t think they had 140 mph in a 55-mph zone in mind. Do you know if speeding and reckless driving are topics discussed with incoming rookies? I think it should be a mandatory discussion along with gambling and maybe even what not to say on social media.

These are off-field topics that the Packers and every NFL team go over every offseason with their players and staff. But at the end of the day we all make our own decisions and it is up to the individual to act responsibly. This is completely unacceptable from Jordan Addison, especially after everything that happened with Henry Ruggs two years ago.

“Memories make us rich” is a life lesson that II has helped me incorporate into my everyday life. As strange as it sounds, it is true. What life lessons or insights have you gained from covering the Packers for a career?

Be where your feet are. Nowadays, time goes by faster than you could ever process.

Johnny from Salt Lake City, UT

Wes, if you could be on the sidelines, standing next to the head coach, in any moment or game in Packers history, what moments or games would you pick? Let’s rule out the obvious answer (the Ice Bowl).

The 2015 Hail Mary in Detroit and the 2013 Finals in Chicago were the first two games that came to mind.

Neil from Tunbridge Wells, UK

Wes, what do you think is the worst NFL jersey of all time? Past or present accepted in the answer.

The Denver Broncos’ yellow-and-brown setbacks were atrocious. The lime green Seahawks jerseys are a close second.

Are you looking forward to junk on Family Night or the fireworks at the end? Which event will be more entertaining and memorable?

Believe it or not, I’ve covered 12 Family Night practices and never seen a firework display. I always work. However, my favorite family night was two years ago. I just happened to be down on the track in the steady downpour for the final two-minute periods. Rob Demovsky, Matt Schneidman and I were absolutely drenched during the post-practice press conference. It’s the memories that make you laugh.

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! I can’t wait for training camp to start. I will see you all there and hope to meet some other Inbox contributors.

As a McHenryian (or is that McHenryianite?), tell me you made it to at least one Packers practice when Robert Tonyan was on the roster.

David from San Antonio, TX

So why not have Rock make some guest appearances and answer inbox questions? Could be entertaining. Of course someone would have to write because you know.

As strange as this may sound, there isn’t a long line of Packers employees begging to write this column.

Please do me a favor when the Packers are in camp. If one of the players happens to throw up during training, don’t consider it newsworthy. Thank you for your consideration.

Share. I did a story on a vomit receiver (Allen Lazard) and that was enough for a lifetime.

Lee from Citrus Heights, CA

Maybe I’m clickbait or a talking point, but I see the Packers at 12-5. Oh wait, we still have to play games. I like Caleb Jones; good chance for him to be on the practice squad?

I think the Packers are hoping for a lot more than just that from the second-year tackle. Jones didn’t play last season, but he was on the active roster for most of his rookie campaign. I think they want to see him take a big step this summer and solidify himself as a potential “next man up”.

With training camp right around the corner, do you think it’s possible for Caleb Jones to borrow a small kid’s bike?

It would be a sight to see. Over the years I’ve seen a few bigger linemen have to carry bikes or walk with their kid because they were just too big to ride. I always respect the kids who bring bigger bikes to accommodate the linesmen. Corey Linsley and Dean Lowry both had long-term riders who planned accordingly.

Wes, at the risk of sounding like Dear Abby or Ask Your Neighbor (Southeastern Wisconsinites over 45 will know), this is still the dead zone, so I’d like to ask an off-topic question. How did you get Kevin, your Great Dane/Gnu/Border Collie mix, to stop jumping up on people? Nickel’s younger brother is a 7-month-old sheepadoodle who already weighs over 70 pounds, and we need to curb his puppy enthusiasm before anyone else gets wiped out. I’m afraid he’ll start doing the Gravedigger sack dance.

We just tried rewarding good behavior (asking Kev to sit when new people came into the house and giving him treats) for not jumping instead of chastising him when he did. However, he never threw himself at people. He was a stationary jumper and fortunately only on adults. When he got a little older, Kevin stopped doing that. Good luck!

Weston, have you seen “Quarterback” on Netflix? I started watching it the other day. I noticed myself thinking about Kirk Cousins ​​differently – I began to see him as a human being, and a decent one at that. So I turned it off immediately.

OK, I laughed. But no, I haven’t seen it yet. Is it worth the effort?

“Love didn’t sit. He learned.” How do you know it’s the dead zone? When we discuss semantics. No one in their right mind believes that Love ‘just sat’ for three years. It’s the same as if we argue it’s a rebuild, reset, retool, recalibrate, reboot. etc. It is none of them. It’s just preparing for next season. But it makes fans feel better if the semantics match their feelings, even if the reality behind the words doesn’t change. Can we just get the season started already? Happy Friday.

*I hear you. The good news is that we are one day closer to camp. Enjoy the last weekend before the Packers take the practice field again. I know I want to. *

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