The Indiana Pacers helped themselves to two picks in the 2023 NBA Draft

INDIANAPOLIS – Kevin Pritchard had a vision of a wild night for 2023 NBA Draftone in which Pacers would be a center of activity as they turned all their assets into something bigger.

“Our draft room will be nuts,” Pritchard said in April after the season ended. “We get 50 calls in the second after the first. It will be nuts. We’re going to have to really focus.”

How many calls the Pacers actually got is unknown at this point outside of the people who were in the draft room, but it’s hard to look at the Pacers’ draft and imagine they were at the center of much of any of the draft movement. After the lottery, Pritchard had picks No. 7, No. 26, No. 29, No. 32 and No. 55, and he hoped to consolidate several of them into some kind of splashy acquisition, either a higher pick or an established player. Instead, he traded down in the days leading up to the draft for picks that he could use to put players on two-way deals and for future picks. He smartly picked up two other 2028 rounders on draft night, just to allow the Wizards to jump up a spot from No. 8 to No. 7 to take French wing Bilal Coulibaly — a player the Pacers weren’t particularly fond of interested in as seventh. – but there has never been any headline-grabbing deal.

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