The Warriors didn’t just trade Jordan Poole, they banished him

Some players are traded, some are released, others are relegated to the end of the bench. Jordan Poole was banished.

There was no ill intent on the part of the Golden State Warriors when they sent Poole to Washington in the Chris Paul deal, but the enigmatic young guard couldn’t have landed in a more dubious NBA spot. The notion that he somehow “haunts” the Warriors is completely off the table.

All the Wizards have to show over the last five years is a first-round playoff appearance in 2021, not even managing a .500 season. And here’s what’s really amazing: This franchise hasn’t competed in a conference finals series since 1979, the last time it won as many as 50 games in the regular season. Those were the days of Elvin Hayes, Bob Dandridge and Wes Unseld, whose son, Wes Jr., now coaches the team.

It has been so long that the league had yet to experience Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or the 3-point shot. Mike Dunleavy’s father was a 25-year-old guard for the Houston Rockets, the Warriors had a young Robert Parish on their roster, and Washington’s team was called the Bullets.

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