Ticket Information: Arsenal v Nottingham Forest

Ticket information for our Premier League match against Nottingham Forest.

This will be a Category C match (click here for prices and match categorization information).

New ballot system for Arsenal members

Voting opens

The vote is closed

Successful app. Self-service window

Successful app. to be charged

Family Inc.

6/30/23 @ 1:00 p.m

3/7/23 at 13:00

5/7/23 @ 10:00am


6/30/23 @ 1:00 p.m

3/7/23 at 13:00

6/7/23 (approx.)


7/7/23 @ 1:00 p.m

10/7/23 @ 1:00 p.m

12/7/23 (approx.)

To ensure fairness and equal opportunity, tickets for Premier League home games will be sold via a voting system exclusively to Arsenal members. For each match, members have a designated window where they can register either individually or as a group (provided that all members in the group meet the necessary requirements for the relevant vote).

Family voting supplement

To join the Family Enclosure vote, Silver and Cannon members must be accompanied by a Junior Gunner member in a 2:1 ratio. Senior members can also participate in the voting for this area. Any ballot not meeting these criteria will be rejected. All applicants, whether or not they are successful, will be notified when voting is completed. Successful applicants will have a 24-hour window to purchase tickets in the family enclosure.

Silver and red ballot

For both silver and red ballots, Arsenal must authorize a payment card. This debit card will be charged automatically if you are successful and tickets will be awarded. Please note that successful applicants may be awarded and charged from a range of available areas and rates. Both unsuccessful and successful applicants will be notified when voting has run. Booking fees will apply to this service. Where the number of ballots for a match does not exceed the number of tickets available, all members who have entered will be successful.

IMPORTANT. Should your payment card decline, your ballot will be unsuccessful.

Useful links

Ticket exchange and ticket transfer

Season ticket holders

Silver members

Red members

Ticket exchange

Ticket transfer

In the event that a member is unable to attend a match that they were successful in voting for and that match is sold out, they will have the opportunity to post their ticket on our ticket exchange platform. This way, other fans can buy the ticket and enjoy the match. This ticket information page will be updated when a match is sold out and ticket exchanges are available.

Ticket transfer is available to season ticket holders when a game is available online (approximately 4-8 weeks prior to a game).

Both ticket exchange and ticket transfer close 3 hours before the match and recipients of tickets via Ticket Transfer must have accepted the ticket before this deadline. Please see more information about ticket exchange and ticket transfer.

Digital tickets

All tickets purchased by Arsenal members for the 23/24 season will be loaded onto their digital membership card. Members can download their Digital Pass from the official Arsenal app. Once the Digital Passport has been added to an Apple or Android wallet, all tickets purchased will automatically appear on the Digital Passport approximately one week prior to the relevant match. Click here for more information.

All new members who purchase their membership close to a match will have their tickets emailed to them if their digital passport is not yet available in the Arsenal app.

All tickets accepted via ticket transfer will be sent to recipients via email.

Handicapped access

Ticket information for disabled members is available here. Information on voting for disability access will be available through our Help center.

If you are purchasing tickets for other Arsenal members, please ensure that each additional member is assigned to your network prior to your transaction (how you manage your network).

Junior Gunner members can only purchase tickets outside the family box when the area is sold out.

Under 14 years

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over when attending events at Emirates Stadium.

Please note that infants aged three and under are not allowed to sit in the following rows:

  • Lower level – row 1-20
  • Club level – row 1
  • Upper level – row 1

My Arsenal Rewards

Silver, Red DA, Red and Cannon members earn points for each ticket purchased. Please see the table below to see how many points you can earn for each match category. (more information).

Match category

My Arsenal Rewards Points per ticket.







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