Would Mason Mount even be welcome at Chelsea? Fabrizio Romano involved in the ‘Mount PR’ saga

Anyone reporting anything remotely positive about Mason Mount are members of his PR team, according to a growing group of Chelsea Twitter ultras who source reports from the club’s mouthpiece.

Report Monday said Mason Mount’will continue to give his all for Chelsea while still a player at the club and he is prepared to go on tour and work hard ahead of next season’.

It’s nothing short of what you’d expect from a Chelsea lad, even one who’s spent his life in blue trying to recreate iconic Cristiano Ronaldo free-kicks with a mop of long hair and a cheeky grin like a ten -year- old to score winners against Real Madrid in a Champions League semi-final.

In a period of monumental transition for Chelsea, where a number of new players have arrived and similar numbers – among them club legends – are set to leave, Mount could have provided stability and continuity alongside his quality, but instead is on the verge of a move to Manchester United. It’s a sad thing.

But worse than that, should Chelsea and United not agree on his feeMount may no longer be welcome at the club he has called home for the past 18 years.

His return would not be a problem for Mauricio Pochettino – who is an excellent football manager so would love to have him – or for the players, who all seem to hold Mount in high esteem, or indeed the owners, who have at least said, that they want him to stay, even if he did not succeed in persuading him to accept new terms.

But Mount – arguably one of the club’s top three academy candidates of the Premier League era alongside John Terry and Reece James – will not be welcomed back by a significant number of the club’s fans.

And they are fans, maybe not like you or me as they seem to have a very skewed view and love to shout into the social media abyss and they love Chelsea no doubt. They are also highly visible, which is a problem for the Mount, who is undoubtedly marked by abuse, but also for similarly impressionable Chelsea people who are not yet in the agenda-hungry band.

These Chelsea Twitter ultras have become obsessed with ‘Mount PR’ – a social media trend that has now gone beyond the details of his bungled contract renewal to anything remotely positively associated with the England international. Highly regarded journalists known to have an inside track on Chelsea and with Mount’s representatives, seemingly well placed to report on negotiations and his proposed move to Manchester United, being labeled as members of the ‘Mount PR’ team if they have the nerve to suggest anything other than him being sent out of the club.

Things became particularly heated after a journalist claimed over the weekend that the ‘Mount’s preference was to remains at Chelsea but he felt he was being forced out’ and that ‘Chelsea’s last contract offer was in February, which was a one-year extension’.

This is contrary to what journalists such as Fabrizio Romano have reported, and the transfer pundit’s larger following on social media means he is a more credible source in the eyes of Mount detractors, which is of course nonsense. We are not suggesting for a second that he is making something up; this is clearly a case of one set of journalists getting their information from Mount’s representatives and another group receiving information from Chelsea.

Mount doesn’t want to completely burn his bridges with Chelsea on the off chance that he doesn’t get his move out. Chelsea do not want to be seen to force out a top English talent and academy graduate. We cannot know what is actually true; unfortunately that’s how PR works.

What is far sadder, however, is the willingness of Chelsea fans to take the word of the owners – who have overseen the most disastrous of seasons – as gospel, while immediately dismissing reports that the boy who loves Chelsea would actually rather stay . The irony of them shouting ‘Mount PR’ while falling hook, line and sinker for club propaganda is predictably completely lost on them.

If they were to think about it, it is far more believable that Mount wants to stay than join a direct Premier League rival in Manchester United. Because why would he want to do that? For money perhaps, or better contract terms, but any deal offered by United should at least be matched by Chelsea – that’s not his problem. Does he have a better chance of success at United? No. Will he leave London? Probably not. Would he rather work with Erik ten Hag than Mauricio Pochettino? We can’t imagine why that would be the case.

Money talks, especially at Chelsea. And the owners wouldn’t have so many fans on their side, and thus against Mount, if they hadn’t spent £600m in their first season. The mistakes were numerous and extensive, but signing Enzo Fernandez, Mykhaylo Mudryk and Christopher Nkunku has been more than enough to appease the transfer-obsessed supporters.

To them it doesn’t matter what evidence is produced to support the claims of the ‘Mount PR’ team. They don’t care what Mount was offered or how badly he’s been treated. His rejection of a contract – regardless of length or salary – is tantamount to treason and there is no turning back.

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