Zion Williamson NOT being included in trade discussions, Pelicans exec says

By Alex Raskin Sports News Editor for Dailymail.com and Jake Fenner for Dailymail.Com

Updated: 14.47 13 July 2023

  • His name has circulated in NBA trade rumors amid allegations of infidelity
  • David Griffin says the Pelicans have not included Williamson in any trade talks
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Scandalized Pelicans star Zion Williamson’s name has been circulating in NBA trade rumors amid allegations of infidelity, but according to New Orleans general manager David Griffin, reports of a deal are not based in reality.

“I think what’s unfortunate is that he’s a name that generates clicks regardless of what the link says,” Griffin told Sirius XM’s Justin Termine and Amin Alhassan. ‘Zion puts on his socks. People click on it. So it makes it really easy for people to manufacture rumors around him – because they don’t have to have any real credibility behind what they’re saying to generate clicks.’

Griffin did not refer to Moriah Mills, the porn star who claimed she had an affair with Williamson when his girlfriend announced she is pregnant with his child. Instead, Griffin appeared to address reported trade discussions about Williamson.

‘We’ve never had a single one [trade] conversation that Zion was a part of,’ Griffin said. ‘I think people perceived that we would be willing to move from Zion because of all the damage because there is always so much noise around Zion… Fortunately for us, the noise never matches what we actually experience.’

Zion Williamson
Moriah Mills
New Orleans general manager David Griffin dismissed the Williamson trade talk as fictitious

Williamson has battled injuries, weight issues and now the ongoing Mills scandal. He showed some promise in December, averaging an impressive 29.8 points over 12 games, but Williamson suffered a hamstring injury in early January and did not play again for the rest of the season.

As a result, Williamson’s name has been brought up in various trade reports involving Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard and the Charlotte Hornets’ second overall pick in last month’s draft, which was ultimately used to select Brandon Miller out of Alabama.

Williamson’s current troubles began on June 6 when he and his girlfriend announced they were expecting a baby, prompting Mills to respond on social media.

“Better pray I’m not pregnant too because I’m definitely overdue @Zionwilliamson,” Mills tweeted, sparking the ongoing scandal.

She claimed she has been involved with Williamson since 2021 and referred to his girlfriend Ahkeema as ‘a low-budget porn star’.

The spat took a sinister turn the next day when Mills said the blame lies with Williamson if she is threatened after claiming she was threatened by a relative of his girlfriend, Ahkeema.

“I’m being harassed now @Zionwilliamson,” she said. ‘I don’t like that I didn’t threaten anyone if anything happened to me in Atlanta before December. This is getting out of hand. You must call your people’s (sic) Zion please, I’m done.’

Mills has previously written on Twitter – threatening to release the alleged tapes publicly

Williamson, 22, has not responded directly to Mills, but appeared to be in damage control mode in the days after Mills made his demands and donated $250,000 to local schools in Louisiana.

Meanwhile, a fan subscription website, Unfiltrd, is offering Mills $1 million to get exclusive rights to the alleged recording of a sex tape with Williamson.

“Unfiltrd is growing in popularity due to the introduction of household names in the adult entertainment industry,” said Stephanie Matto, founder and CEO of Unfiltrd.

“We’re confident Mills will be able to monetize her explicit content on Unfiltrd in ways she won’t be able to anywhere else.”

This proposal includes the rights to videos and direct messages between her and Williamson. It also includes a video release event that takes place at a nightclub in New Orleans.

Mills’ management was contacted last Sunday with a week to respond – meaning she must do so by July 2. It is not clear whether Mills accepted or declined the offer.

The adult performer has spent the past few weeks publicly attacking the forward on social media after Williamson posted behind-the-scenes photos of a gender reveal party for her soon-to-be child.

Williamson and his girlfriend Ahkeema (right) recently announced that they are expecting a child
Williamson and his girlfriend shared a behind-the-scenes look at their June 6 gender reveal

Mills has tried to get attention from Williamson – which he has not publicly commented on.

Among other things, her attempt has included a picture of a positive pregnancy test on her Instagram story. She also posted a poll asking followers what she should name her child – with the options being ‘Junior’ and ‘Zoriah’, a mix of Zion and Moriah.

All of this suggests that the child is Williamson’s, but there is no publicly available evidence to determine whether this is the case.

Mills also posted a video of herself getting a ‘tattoo’ of Zion’s name on her face.

However, there are a number of indicators that this was faked – including a full face of makeup she had on the area she was about to get tattooed, as well as a lack of redness and swelling around the area.

In addition, Mills has avoided showing the supposed tattoo in subsequent posts on social media.

Mills also previously uploaded several screenshots of alleged conversations she and Williamson sent — including messages discussing Zion sending her money and offering to book her a flight.

Mills has posted many times to try and get Williamson’s attention. This has included a video of herself getting a ‘tattoo’ of Zion Williamson’s name on her face and a positive pregnancy test.
Williamson has also been described as a ‘vicious sex addict’ by Yamille Taylor, a ‘digital creator’

Captioning the posts containing the screenshots, Mills wrote: ‘Where’s my wire Zion Williamson you’re a liar and a cheat where the hell is my money’ before including the Pelicans and urging them to ‘act this fraud’.

In many other tweets, Mills claimed ‘it’s over for you’ and insisted his ‘NBA career lights will be dimmed when the sex tapes come out.’

Williamson has still not made any comments on this situation. But others have made similar allegations to Mills.

Weeks ago, a third woman — Yamille Taylor — blasted the former Duke player, calling him a ‘sex addict.’

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